Portable 3D scanner with option to scan in color

EinScan Pro 2X Plus

escáner 3D en color


Ultra portable 3D scanner with only 1.13 kg. of weight in a box of 37 × 36.5 × 13.5 cm.

High precision up to 0.03 mm.

Scans without limits, adapts perfectly to any job of design, medicine, art, reverse engineering, education, research…

High speed and good stability. Easy use.

High compatibility with EX SCAN PRO software, easy to use and features.

Professional color 3D scanner capable of scanning the texture and color of the pieces. HD scanning with wide scanning range. Capture 3D models of medium to large size. High performance specific software EX SCAN PRO. Customizable thanks to its expansion pack.

Customization Kits

einscan pack industrial

Tripod and rotating base. Facilitates and automates the work of scanning parts.

einscan escáner 3d en color

With this pack, the scanner will be able to capture the colors and textures of the pieces.

HD Prime Pack

Faster scans Reference points not required in most scanning modes.

escáner 3D color portátil

Super light with only 1.13 kg. and ultra portable in a box of 37 × 36.5 × 13.5 cm.

ingeniería inversa

This 3D color scanner is perfect for industrial sectors of manufacturing or reverse engineering

escáner 3D medicina

It adapts to the most delicate jobs such as health and medicine

escaneado 3D industrial

Its software allows you to work comfortably and quickly

escaneado 3D en color

Interactive link of color scanned model


In this link you will see a 3D model scanned with the 3D color scanner next to the Color Kit. This model can be used for example for online stores, design, reverse engineering …


The versatility and advanced features of these scanners makes them ideal for any sector.
Reverse Engineering and Manufacturing · Online Commerce · Education and Research · Design · Medicine and Health · Art and Restoration

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