Discovery 3D Printers. Customers and success stories

CAF Digital manufacturing


CAF Digital manufacturing chose our Super 3D Printer like a new industrial 3D printer.


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Logotipo BSH

BSH Electrodomésticos España S.A.


“After an exhaustive study on the profitability of incorporating a 3D printer for the Department of prototypes of BSH Electrodomésticos España S.A.,  Montañana factory in Spain, we decided on the acquisition of the Discovery 3D printer designed and manufactured by CNC Bárcenas. We manufacture large format pieces without additional assemblies, and in very similar materials to those that we can find in the industrial market, including high temperature technical materials.

We are saving up to 70% of the cost currently invested in outsourcing of pieces and prototypes manufacturing. This gives us greater flexibility in design and it is no longer necessary to rule out ideas, we can now rule out parts and systems printed with the machine. Obviously with this savings we have quickly recovered our investment.

Another great app is that we not only create pieces developed for products, we are also making tools in record time for our production lines.

This system gives us flexibility to customize and ergonomically adapt the tools to each operator.”

Juan José Galindo Perez – Prototypes Area Manager at BSH Home Appliances Spain (Montañana)

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Logotipo Navantia

Navantia. Naval construction. "3D Cabins" Project and Adibuque


“3D Cabins” Project

Navantia chose CNCBarcenas for the manufacture of their 3D Cabins project. The objective is the production of fully equiped ship cabins through the research and selection of the most suitable materials. CNC Bárcenas has designed and manufactured the Super Discovery 3D printer for Navantia, a large printer that works through direct pellet extrusion, allowing the manufacture of very large pieces needed for the shipbuilding sector.

Adibuque Project

The objective of the Adibuque project is to apply large format 3D printing technology to produce a set of selected elements for the naval sector. For this, the installation and testing in service of the final elements on ships under construction at the Bahía de Cádiz Shipyard is proposed, basing the development that will be carried out in the project on the requirements demanded in real programs.
Adibuque improves the capacity of Navantia and the naval industry as a whole for the manufacture of complex elements contributing: reduction of the manufacturing period, lower labor costs, less work in machining and painting, increased productivity, cost savings , reduction of the time of collection of pieces, increase of the energetic efficiency of the manufacturing process and increase of the quality of the product, modernization of the productive process, etc.

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Logotipo Laboratorio de artesanía digital

Laboratorio de Artesanía Digital


After incorporating CNC machinery technologies (milling and laser CO2) made by CNC Bárcenas in mid 2016, we evaluated the need for the incorporation of additive manufacturing technology. After a study on additive manufacturing systems, we selected the Discovery3D Printer as the most comprehensive 3D printer on the market, with the optimum dimensions.

Thanks to its versatility and ability to produce large pieces, we can prototype highly complex parts in a range of materials that allow us to cover the fields required by the industry.

As a young architectural firm interested in digital manufacturing, parametric design and cross-cutting discipline, we have focused in recent years on developing an innovative project for our workspace. In contrast to the traditional, static, one-way office, we have created a dynamic professional environment where design and manufacturing coexist. CNC technologies and pure craftsmanship have become a key partner in this process of change for our new professional model, radically transforming the way we interact with clients and other professionals in any field. We consult and produce what others dream up.”

Francisco José Gómez Velazquez. Architect CAD-CAM Manager at LAD_Laboratorio de Artesanía Digital.

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Logotipo Scutum

Scutum Urban Ecomobility. Electric motorcycles.


The incorporation of a 3D printing team in the Research and Development Department allowed us to prototype rapidly and without outsourcing. Thanks to its high-volume printing we can print large parts of an electric motorbike and test them before moving on to manufacture in series.

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Cartera Gráfica


This company, located in Madrid, has among its work machines a Discovery 3D Printer as a complement to its artistic and creative activities.