Discovery 3D Printers. Customers and success stories

Our customers are our best guarantee. Thanks to all of them for trusting our technologies and 3D printing systems. Due to confidentiality agreements we can not show all of our clients.

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Our constant research, development and experience, focused on the manufacture of CNC industrial machinery and large format industrial 3D printers, have brought our products to a multitude of clients and countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Finland, Israel, Bulgaria or Morocco

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Created in 1985, INCIPRESA has always been a dynamic and innovative company, with a marked entrepreneurial character and a firm vocation for customer service.

They have a large multidisciplinary team, accustomed to working under the strictest quality standards and focused on the design, manufacturing, sale and maintenance of rescue, rescue, rural, forestry vehicles and various services.

Always betting on the most avant-garde technology, they already have in their facilities our large-format 3D printing technology, Super Discovery 3D Printer, as well as our 5-axis machining center, systems that will undoubtedly allow them to continue improving their products, creating increasingly better vehicles for emergency environments.

studio artefact

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Studio Artéfact, located in Quebec, Canada, now has our industrial 3D printing system, Super Discovery 3D Printer.
Studio Artéfact is one of the most important international companies in the world dedicated to the design and creation of unique, interactive and immersive sets and experiences developed to measure.
The introduction of large-format 3D printing will allow them to significantly improve the manufacturing and development processes of their incredible creations.

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences - Xamk

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South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences – Xamk, has just incorporated our large-format industrial 3D printing technology, Super Discovery 3D Printer, into its facilities. Thanks to it, it will be able to develop its research and innovation processes like never before.

Research, development and innovation (R&D) are a key part of this Finnish university. They offer expert services and know-how to companies and communities not only as R&D&I, but also as cooperation in internships, projects and theses.

¡Kiitos paljon!

ceu universidad cardenal herrera

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The CEU Cardenal Herrera University in the Community of Valencia, is a non-state university with almost 50 years of experience, which is part of the San Pablo CEU Foundation, the largest private initiative educational institution in Spain.

Since its inception, it has been characterized by its pioneering character with a markedly innovative character and a continuous development strategy, always betting on the latest technologies.

In this process of innovation and technology, the CEU Cardenal Herrera University decided to bet on our 3D printing technology, specifically, our Super Discovery 3D Printer Compact. This model brings together all the technology of our largest system, Super Discovery 3D Printer, in a much more compact version. It has the same direct pellet extrusion technology, which makes it possible to print large volumes of much cheaper parts and without the need for breaks to change the filament, since its continuous pellet feeding system allows fluid 3D printing. and without interruptions, a perfect balance between technology and space.

sinergia racing group

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Sinergia Racing Group (SRG) born in 2001, is a leading company that works for the nautical competition sector, later it gave way to the CNC manufacturing of models, moulds, prototypes and parts in composite materials.

Sinergia already trusted our CNC machining and cutting solutions. In the continuous search to improve its production processes, Sinergia, incorporating large format 3D printing.

In addition, not only have they opted for our 3D technology, Super Discovery 3D Printer, but they have done it in a big way, since they have the largest 3D printer in Europe with a gantry made in Spain.

The work volume of this printer is 3x10x2 meters combined with its direct pellet extrusion technology, allowing Sinergia to create all kinds of moulds, parts and prototypes in a way never seen before.

escribano mechanical

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ESCRIBANO Mechanical & Engineering (EM&E), a leading Spanish company in innovation and technologies for defense and security, has chosen our large-format 3D printer Super Discovery 3D Printer for the manufacturing, by 3D printing of final parts and functional prototypes for their defense systems, which are a benchmark in the international market.

King Agro grupo John Deere

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King Agro of the John Deere group, has more than 25 years of experience in Carbon Fiber applications.
Dedicated exclusively to the development and production of a new generation of agricultural machinery based on Carbon Fiber technologies. The quality and reliability of its products is the result of a philosophy of innovation, technical rigor, quality control and demanding attention to detail.
In this philosophy of innovation and use of the latest technologies, King Agro has incorporated our 3D printing technology, Discovery 3D Printer, thanks to which they will be able to continue developing new development and research processes for their products.

universidad politécnica de valencia

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The Design Institute for Automated Manufacturing and Production (IDF-UPV), a research institute of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, has incorporated our 3D printing technology, Super Discovery 3D Printer, into its facilities.

Our 3D printer will help improve your research and training processes and also position you as a leading entity in large-format additive manufacturing.

iceye satellites

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ICEYE is a Finnish manufacturer of microsatellites. ICEYE was founded in 2014 as a spin-off from the Department of Radio Technology at Aalto University. Currently ICEYE at its headquarters in Murcia already has our industrial 3D printing technology to continue with its constant process of innovation and development.


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We are official Airbus suppliers. Airbus has relied on our industrial 3D printing technology, our commitment to innovation and our R & D & i.


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The Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research (CIEMAT) is a Spanish public body for research of excellence in energy and environment matters, as well as in multiple cutting-edge technologies and in some areas of basic research attached to the General Secretariat of Coordination of Scientific Policy of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

CIEMAT has chosen our 3D printing technology to improve its research and development processes, increasing its possibilities and improving its development capacity.

cmi 3d printing

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C.M.I. 3D Printing is a pioneer in developing the metal and large format 3D printing market in Israel, in the year 2012 it started the business of 3D printing technology. Located in Yoqneam – Israel, where the most important technology companies in Israel and other parts of the world are based.

Among the specialized fields for which they develop projects are some such as medical, industrial, automotive, aerospace, R + D + i, prototyping …
C.M.I. became our official authorized distributor for our 3D printers in Israel, the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey and already has our Discovery 3D Printer in its exhibition and printing center.

We not only want to thank the trust placed in our technology, but also thank the wonderful treatment, not only commercial, but also personal with Moshe Cohen, its CEO and founder.

ambulanz mobile

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Since 1991, this German company has been developing some of the safest and most innovative specialty vehicles in Europe.

Vehicles with lightweight construction, unique aerodynamics, safety and the lowest fuel consumption are the basis of their corporate philosophy.

In their vision to build and develop vehicles not only for the “now”, but also for the “future”, they have opted for our 3D printing technology, specifically our Super Discovery 3D Printer Workstation, as a technological tool for the development and complement of their innovation and development processes.

UROVESA special all-terrain vehicles

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Since 1981, UROVESA has been a supplier of special all-terrain vehicles suitable for the most demanding missions around the world (such as the renowned VAMTAC), both civil and military, thanks to its extensive experience and international recognition. With a market currently comprising more than 25 countries.
UROVESA, manufactures these multipurpose land platforms tailored to the requirements of its customers, providing them with extraordinary technical characteristics.
UROVESA, already has our most advanced and complete large format 3D printing technology, Super Discovery 3D Printer Workstation. Thanks to it, they significantly increase their capacity for innovation and development. This allows them to create much shorter, more efficient and profitable prototyping and research cycles.

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The department of “Lightweight Polymer-Based Design” of the “Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus – Senftenberg” now has our latest large-format 3D printing technology at its disposal. The new Super Discovery 3D Printer Workstation unifies in a single machine, 3D printer with direct pellet extrusion and post-processing system using CNC milling technology.

Thanks to this technology, they significantly improve their research and development capacity, acquiring the ability for example to create prototypes without dependence on external companies, which greatly shortens lead times, as well as significantly reducing their cost.

Hitachi Energy

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ABB Zaragoza, now Hitachi Energy, has acquired our industrial 3D printing technology, a machine that offers all the advantages of our large format direct extrusion 3D printers in a smaller and more compact format. A revolutionary machine capable of working with the most demanding technical thermoplastics in pellet format.

This multinational leader in electric power generation and industrial automation, thus reinforces its position as a leading technology company, in addition to revolutionizing its manufacturing and research processes, thanks to the additive manufacturing technology of our large format industrial 3D printers.

universidad de Cádiz

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The University of Cádiz has chosen our industrial 3D printing systems for its new large format 3D printer.

We have designed and manufactured a 3D printer by direct pellet extrusion in a much smaller format than our Super Discovery 3D Printer.

centro de transferencia empresarial el olivollo

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The “El Olivillo” Business Transfer Center of the University of Cádiz already has our filament-based large-format 3D printing technology in its facilities.

A custom made machine with a 3D printing volume of 1 cubic meter.

renault customer cliente

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Renault already has our large format 3D printing technology at its engine research and manufacturing facilities. Renault acquired our 3D printing system through the company Integral 3D Printing.

Thanks to additive manufacturing, Renault increases its prototyping and research capacity, in addition to looking for new ways of manufacturing, in which the engines of the future are more functional, light and efficient.

universidad politecnica de cartagena

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The Polytechnic University of Cartagena or UPCT already has our large format 3D printing technology. In this way they greatly expand and improve their development and research capacity thanks to the uses of this technology in fields such as prototyping and manufacturing of parts.

This new technology places the Polytechnic University of Cartagena at the top of the national education and research sector.

willy naessens

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The important Belgian industrial group, Willy Naessens, leader in the construction and food sector, already has its large format 3D printing technology in its research and development department.

Thanks to the versatility of our industrial 3D printers, Willy Naessens, significantly increases its capacity for innovation, positioning itself even more as a leading company, committed to technology and technological development.

ku leuven

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The Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium has chosen our industrial 3D printers for integration into the additive manufacturing laboratory of the Nayer technology campus, for its special features and print volume. In this way they have significantly increased their ability to create and innovate in parts and tests of new materials.

The Catholic University of Leuven is among the most prestigious in education and development technology in Europe and the world.

After a series of technical tests, the Faculty of Engineering Technology of this university has certified the technical capabilities of our printers.


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“3D Cabins” Project
Navantia chose CNCBarcenas for the manufacture of their 3D Cabins project. The objective is the production of fully equiped ship cabins through the research and selection of the most suitable materials. CNC Bárcenas has designed and manufactured the Super Discovery 3D printer for Navantia, a large printer that works through direct pellet extrusion, allowing the manufacture of very large pieces needed for the shipbuilding sector.

Adibuque Project
The objective of the Adibuque project is to apply large format 3D printing technology to produce a set of selected elements for the naval sector. For this, the installation and testing in service of the final elements on ships under construction at the Bahía de Cádiz Shipyard is proposed, basing the development that will be carried out in the project on the requirements demanded in real programs. Adibuque improves the capacity of Navantia and the naval industry as a whole for the manufacture of complex elements contributing: reduction of the manufacturing period, lower labor costs, less work in machining and painting, increased productivity, cost savings , reduction of the time of collection of pieces, increase of the energetic efficiency of the manufacturing process and increase of the quality of the product, modernization of the productive process, etc.

Logotipo BSH

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“After an exhaustive study on the profitability of incorporating a 3D printer for the Department of prototypes of BSH Electrodomésticos España S.A.,  Montañana factory in Spain, we decided on the acquisition of the industrial 3D printing technology designed and manufactured by CNC Bárcenas. We manufacture large format pieces without additional assemblies, and in very similar materials to those that we can find in the industrial market, including high temperature technical materials. We are saving up to 70% of the cost currently invested in outsourcing of pieces and prototypes manufacturing. This gives us greater flexibility in design and it is no longer necessary to rule out ideas, we can now rule out parts and systems printed with the machine. Obviously with this savings we have quickly recovered our investment. Another great app is that we not only create pieces developed for products, we are also making tools in record time for our production lines. This system gives us flexibility to customize and ergonomically adapt the tools to each operator.”

Juan José Galindo Perez – Prototypes Area Manager at BSH Home Appliances Spain (Montañana)

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News about manufacture of train front.
News in English about manufacture of train front.

CAF Digital manufacturing chose our industrial 3D printing systems for large format pieces. Currently they are printing real train parts under the norm EN45545-2 R1-R6 HL3.


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UNEX is an independent European leading group specialized in insulating and flexible systems for the conduction, tying, fixing and signaling of cables and pipes in electrical, telecommunications, air conditioning and auxiliary services.

Within the framework of its constant research and product development effort, UNEX has chosen our large format 3D printing technology, our new all-in-one 3D printing and post-processing solution, a valuable tool for the new needs of Industry 4.0.

Our machine will allow them to significantly improve their capacity for innovation and creation of higher quality products.

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Founded in 1956, Nocu is dedicated to the production of patterns for foundry work, as well as prototypes and pieces of special design, in any size. Our production dedicated to the industry of naval propulsion, we embrace the whole industrial field: propellers, machinery, valves, bombs, machine-tools, dies, wind power, compressors, reducers, aeronautics, and in general any type of part that industrial sector demands.

Technological Centre of Furniture and Wood

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The Technological Centre of Furniture and Wood of the Region of Murcia (CETEM), already has in its facilities our industrial 3D printers, which will allow them to increase their ability to create and develop parts through additive printing of large volume . Located in the town of Yecla, one of the most important furniture clusters of Spain.

Over the last 20 years CETEM has been promoting and implementing innovation and technological development in the Furniture Sector, making cetem the main business reference in the industry and becoming an important economic engine in the Murcia Region.

Its main objective is to promote and undertake activities, projects and services, innovative technology, to improve, promote and encourage the development and continuous improvement of companies in the sector of wood, furniture and related services, making them more competitive.

Technical Maritime Bureau.

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This client of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, decided to use our industrial 3D printing system, as well as in other of our products and technologies to integrate it into his production process to repair all kinds of naval and industrial machinery.


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The Salmerón Religious Art Workshop is a leading company in repair, reproduction, decoration, carving, etc. of religious pieces settled in the heart of La Mancha, in the town of Socuéllamos (Ciudad Real). In its permanent expansion and search for improvement and modernization of its creation systems acquired several of our systems.


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CRYOSPHERA is an engineering company specializing in industrial refrigeration, energy efficiency and new technologies that offers its customers tailored solutions to optimize the productivity of their facilities, increase energy savings and control processes through intelligent monitoring systems.

Logotipo Scutum

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The incorporation of a 3D printing team in the Research and Development Department allowed us to prototype rapidly and without outsourcing. Thanks to its high-volume printing we can print large parts of an electric motorbike and test them before moving on to manufacture in series.

This company, located in Madrid, has among its work machines a our large format 3D printer as a complement to its artistic and creative activities.