Valdepeñas, November 22, 2022

ESCRIBANO Mechanical & Engineering (EM&E), a leading Spanish company in innovation and technologies for defense and security, has chosen the Super Discovery 3D Printer model from CNC Bárcenas for the manufacture, through large-format 3D printing, of final parts and functional prototypes for its complex defense systems, which are a benchmark in the international market.
At CNC Bárcenas we are especially proud to be able to work with EM&E, a company that builds, manufactures and designs all its products, from now on also using our technology.
CNC Bárcenas is a leading Spanish company in the design and manufacture of computerized numerical control (CNC) machinery and industrial 3D printers – under the Discovery 3D Printers brand – with unique characteristics in the market.

The Discovery 3D Printers, manufactured at our facilities in Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real), have an increasing presence in the Spanish and European industry, and among our clients we have leading companies from various sectors, such as Navantia, UROVESA, AIRBUS, CAF or the German group BSH, as well as top-level technology and R&D centers, such as Fraunhofer, also German, or CIEMAT, Spanish.

In May 2023, CNC Bárcenas will once again be present at the FEINDEF International Defense and Security Fair, where we will once again meet several of our clients, including EM&E, and we will show important innovations and technological advances in additive manufacturing, machining and hybrid solutions.