The Chair of “Polymer-based Lightweight Design” of “Brandenburg University of Technology” has selected our large-format 3D printing technology for its small-scale wind turbine manufacturing improvement project.

This university has chosen our Super Discovery 3D Printer Workstation, due to its special characteristics that unify in a single machine, a large-format 3D printer with direct pellet extrusion, as well as a post-processing system using CNC milling technology.

Thanks to the 3D printing of the blades mold, this university wants to achieve a much more efficient blade design, so that these blades are able to activate the turbine of these aerial generators at much lower speeds, making wind turbines much more productive, profitable and ecological.

Thanks to this technology, the “Chair of “Polymer-based Lightweight Design” of “Brandenburg University of Technology” acquires the ability to create prototypes without dependence on external companies, which greatly reduces waiting times, as well as reducing the cost of these prototypes very significantly, in this way they will be able to create all the necessary prototypes until achieving the perfect design, without fear of high economic and temporal costs.

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