Navantia has chosen Super Discovery 3D Printer

Super Discovery 3D Printer

Super Discovery 3D Printer

Navantia. Naval Construction

3D Cabins project

Navantia has chosen CNC Barcenas to manufacture an industrial 3D Printer for their 3D Cabins project.

The aim of the project is to produce fully enabled 3D printed ship cabins through the research and selection of the most suitable materials. To accomplish this challenge, CNC Barcenas has design and manufactured the Super Discovery 3D Printer, a large printer that works through direct pellet extrusion, allowing the manufacture of very large pieces needed for the shipbuilding sector.

The Super Discovery 3D Printer is a large and unique machine which supports high printing speeds and increases production with a significant cost reduction.

CNC Bárcenas carries out special projects for custom manufactured industrial 3D printers. These projects are geared to the manufacture of large pieces for big 4.0 industry.

“Potencial de la implantación de tecnologías de fabricación aditiva en la construcción naval” (D. Víctor Casal López, Navantia).

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