The Digital Crafts Laboratory is a prototyping workshop, models and ideas development through the use of CAD-CAE-CAM technologies. Located in San Pedro del Pinatar (Murcia). It belongs to the worldwide Fab Lab network promoted in 2001 from the Center for Bits and Atoms of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The objective of LAD_FabLab is that architects, designers, artists, makers, entrepreneurs and professionals of any discipline can find a space to develop the most unique part of their projects. In addition, LAD_FabLab has enough space, equipment and technology to attend, advise and direct any initiative. Thanks to our “Super Discovery 3D Printer” now it is much more pointer.

L.A.D. already had our printer “Discovery 3D Printer“, as well as other of our CNC machines, but due to its projection and creative needs it decided to acquire our model of large dimensions “Super Discovery 3D Printer”, a printer that due to its unique characteristics they became the perfect option for this innovative company.

Having a 3D printer of these dimensions, make L.A.D. a pioneer in its sector, increasing its capacity for development of both prototypes, models and functional and installable parts.

We thank L.A.D. for the trust placed in our large format 3D printers.

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