3D industrial printers

Our 3D industrial printers (Discovery 3D Printer and Super Discovery 3D Printer) are the perfect choice for the most exigent jobs in industry 4.0

Discovery 3D Printer

quality industrial 3d printer

FFF technology
Industrial productivity with high quality
Large printing volume
Ease of use

With independent double filament that can be used to manufacture the supporting material and the parts with different materials and colors. Designed to withstand long-term jobs on large parts using technical plastics, that follow the standard 1.75 mm. It’s quality/price ratio, is one of the most competitive in the 3DP market.

Super Discovery 3D Printer

giant industrial 3d printer

Direct plastic pellet extrusion
Larger dimensions and more production
High-speed printing
Cost reduction

Technology of direct extrusion of pellets. Its large volume and high printing speed increase production capacity with a significant reduction in costs. Makes it possible to increase production. We can make a special tailor-made manufacturing project, oriented to the manufacture of large format pieces for large industry 4.0.

Industrial 3D scanners

Industrial 3D scanning solutions with high quality, speed and reliability.

FreeScan X5 / X7

Escáner 3D industrial portátil

Ultra portable 3D laser metrology scanners
Flexibility, high accuracy and stability
Excellent results

Ultra portable handheld 3D laser scanners. They stand out for their flexibility, perfect scan mode, high precision and stability. Perfect for a wide environment of operations and measurement of objects. Maximizes scanning efficiency for excellent results

OptimScan 3M / 5M


Blue light technology
Amazing scanning speed and accuracy
Excellent performance

Excellent performance they have a wide range of applications. They offer high-end management, quality, components and configuration. Maximizes the effectiveness of scanning to achieve excellent results thanks to its speed and resolution.

Industrial 3D printer