Super Discovery 3D Printer Compact

Compact pellet 3D printer. All the benefits of direct pellet extrusion in a compact format 3D printer.

We have downsized our advanced direct pellet extrusion technology into a smaller but high performance industrial 3D printer. It keeps all the advantages of our large format Super Discovery 3D Printer, which allows to significantly lower the costs, increase production and reduce printing time.


100% designed, developed and manufactured in our facilities.

The Super Discovery 3D Printer Compact does not use filaments or powdered raw materials, but instead manufactures the pieces using an innovative technology of direct pellet extrusion.

It allows to use any thermoplastic of the market at an exceptional price and without losing any of its qualities. Such as ABS, ABS CF, PC CF, PPE CF, 3D850, ASA…

It incorporates an automatic pellet feeder that allows unlimited use of material to manufacture parts of any weight, volume or complexity in industry 4.0.

Printing volume of 1100 x 750x 500 mm, but it can be custom designed and manufactured to meet any requirement of our industrial customers.

With its fully closed chamber and heated bed (up to 150º), the printer works with the most demanding materials. With bed self-leveling to compensate for unevenness during printing.

320º extruder

State-of-the-art software.

3d printing compact pellets


The same does not work for everyone. That’s why we adapt our printers to each sector according to the needs of each case
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