When we talk about 3D printing, an infinite number of usages and applications come to mind. A lot of companies and sectors have seen and applied these uses in an exceptional way and they already enjoy this technology as something essential in their prototyping, custom manufacturing or on-demand processes.

But on some of these occasions the volume of printing can be a problem. We may have a great idea, but it is impossible to print because of the capacity of our 3D printer, or in the best case we would need to divide the model into multiple pieces, which we would then have to join / glue, not obtaining the result we were looking for. Not to mention the time and cost of manufacturing such large parts.

It is in these cases that our Super Discovery 3D Printer is the perfect answer to those large format printing conditions that many industries and companies demand. Thanks to its high volume of manufacturing and printing from bulk.

Some large format parts, such as the front of a tram or other railway or automotive parts, can be printed in one job, this makes it dramatically easier to manufacture multiple prototypes or even final parts in record time and at a much lower cost than other prototyping processes thanks to the use of pellets, not to mention the lack of dependence on third parties for their creation. In addition, the manufactured prototypes that are no longer necessary can be recycled, crushing them and converting them again into pellets that can be used again in combination with new material, thus making the cost of these models even cheaper.

As we can see in the images of the chair and the outdoor sculpture created by the Laboratorio de Artesanía Digital of San Pedro del Pinatar in Murcia, the decoration and construction sector, thanks to large format 3D printing, can create furniture or architectural elements that are totally functional or decorative on a real scale, personalized and exclusive. Not only for interiors, but also for exteriors creating otherwise impossible compositions. Some materials in granite such as ABS with cellulose, also achieve a unique aesthetic result without the need for any kind of subsequent finishing.

Another interesting sector is advertising. This technology applied to the manufacture of advertising elements or PLV, gives rise to spectacular pieces and ideas, such as the windows of Dior shops, where large-format 3D printed bottles were created as part of their exclusive decoration.

These cases are just a examples of the uses that large format 3D printing technology offers. Our Super Discovery 3D Printer with its standard printing volume of 1300x2500x1000mm is capable of all this and much more. And if your printing needs are even greater, we can manufacture it with the customized printing volume that you need.

The world of large format 3D printing has managed to revolutionize and evolve the way companies work, providing them with a valuable tool and endless benefits.

The only limit is your ideas. Contact us and we will advise you on large format 3D printing.